Thursday, July 29, 2010

Topic: Green Dam How unfortunate?

Very sad, green dam has not been formally published, they were gang resigned to nothing.

Green Dam anxious to be eradicated people about for several reasons: First, some people say the Green Dam can shield the pornographic sites, which prevents them from certain requirements; Second, some people say the Green Dam prevented the network free hinder the freedom of speech, the installation of the green bar will be monitored. Therefore, many people strongly opposed to the green bar, against the government regulation on the Internet.

Green Dam is shielded sexual content, because the green bar itself is tailored for the protection of minors and the software. This is the fundamental purpose of the Green Dam available. If adults feel that green bar the way of her, can a discharge is over. Any country, any government will be the protection of minors as a very important and urgent task. This is the case of China, the United States but also the case in Europe, no exceptions. Our neighbors South Korea, to the health of the Internet, on more than 20 million people visit the site, have long practiced real names. However, primary and secondary students in China is to provide a healthy and convenient online green space, it was such a denigration How unfortunate?!

Some people not only against the green bar, many people abroad against the green bar, here including the promotion of "network without borders," Microsoft, as well as Western countries and has consistently called for "freedom and democracy" in the media. To be honest, I did not think the West will have a software so interested in China, even before understanding the green dam their "exaggeration." But seriously, one would think, naturally, the Western community, particularly the Western media would like to wear the "colored glasses" view of China. They are used to using the Internet to "change the" other "unfriendly" or "disobedient" countries. Far, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once hopes to use the Internet, "change" the Communist regime; close, and now the Iranian situation so chaotic that U.S. popular social networking site "Twitter" on "ordered" as a non- glorious role. In view of this, we is not difficult to imagine why the West is so interested in the Green Dam. This I do not know the Green Dam lucky or unlucky?!

Green Dam is not some people's "imaginary enemy", nor of the West, "the latest discovery", it is only to protect China from online pornography to minors harmful software, is to create a web of green space and health of the software, only this only. NPC does not like it can "give up as cover fit the shoes", as installed or not installed, complete our free, others do not worthwhile to make irresponsible remarks, as he does not want equipment to make irresponsible remarks on the other, like the Green Dam.

The recent "Global Times" an article commentary entitled "Do not misuse freedom is the best protection," This represents the relationship between freedom and regulation. Freedom be abused, will inevitably lead to stricter regulation, as South Korea, like real-name system. I think, in July, a number of green dam system is unloaded is inevitable. There is a saying, but I have to say: We can not have visible green bar, but did not must not mind the invisible Green Dam. This is for children, but also for ourselves, even we can not leave the Internet.

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