Sunday, September 19, 2010

ThinkPad First National User Conference held in Beijing

August 21, 2006, Beijing-ThinkPad official recently announced that to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of personal computers, ThinkPad First National Users Conference will be held in Beijing in mid September. Lenovo Think from senior business unit leaders and celebrities will attend this event, and with from all over the 100 ThinkPad users join the festivities!

First National ThinkPad users eve of the conference, from Japan and Japan Laboratory "ThinkPad father," Mr. Naito is personally in written and released so that the user called: "Your idea + ThinkPad reliable, they can change their lives, and even change the situation of others, Pratt & Whitney of the world. hopes to meet with Chinese users together to share stories between you and the ThinkPad. " Now until September 10, 2006, Sohu user login network platform to text / picture / video show the way and tell the story between you and the ThinkPad, it can be see lots of passion, and humor, very moving and full of social significance, etc., give full play to your imagination and creativity, your stories and Think users to share more.

In half a month's time, Think and industry experts will be invited to name people in the community to review your story, and ultimately selected 100 cases of classic works. Selected will have the opportunity to participate in September, held in Beijing in mid-site activities to experience and listen to senior officials and experts Think celebrities comment on their stories, share gala dinner, Think will be the scene at the dinner for the winners of five Super User Think prizes awarded!

Adhering to the technical innovation and people-centered concept, Think I believe: that we can creatively use existing or newly developed technologies to solve problems in our society;

Willing to work with different race, creed, color co-owner of the world, and do all we can to improve our living environment; love all art forms, whether it is movies, poetry, or architecture, eager imagination and creativity;

To protect the natural environment as our duty, for ourselves, even the next generation of human beings;

Respect through knowledge and information that change the market, creating new industries, organizations or individuals.

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